The foundation board meets monthly to consider grant applications. The foundation makes grants to nonprofit, tax exempt, charitable organizations that are exempt under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code or to governmental units. Funding is limited to organizations in Shelby County Alabama or those that provide services in the county.

Some of the funding guidelines include;
  • The foundation prefers projects that have multiple sources of support and will rarely be the sole funder of a project.
  • Any organization receiving multi-year support is ineligible for another grant during that period and is requested to wait a minimum of one year before submitting another request.
  • While the foundation has no limit on the amount that can be requested, directors will consider the availability of funds and the impact of a large request.
  • Because continued or ongoing support of an organization cannot be provided, a plan for future funding and additional support is strongly encouraged
Since the foundation's directors recommend that the orientation of grants should be in the area of projects and programs, funding in the following may be limited;
  • Operations
  • Capital improvement projects
  • Seed grants that do not address an urgent community need and do not demonstrate the potential for ongoing community support
  • Scholarships, conferences, or seminars that result only in professional advancement but provide no benefit to the greater community
Some of the grant limitations and restrictions include;
  • The foundation does not make grants to or for:
    • Individuals
    • Fundraising activities such as benefits, dinners, events
    • Political organizations or candidates for public office
    • Goodwill advertising - souvenir journals or programs
    • Travel for individuals or groups
    • Churches for religious purposes or programs
    • Research and endowment funds
    • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed; national origin or gender
    • Retire accumulated debt

To make the most effective use of limited resources, the foundation has carefully outlined its funding priorities and funding guidelines. Please review them carefully prior to submitting your final proposal. We strongly encourage the use of electronic PDF submittals of your proposal.